3exter and Tygaffären launches clothingpatterns under the name TygExter.
Together with designer Klara Wennerholm, we have made adult patterns in c-sizes that you sew after your own measurements to get as good a fit as possible.  The patterns are available both as paper prints and as pdf downloads.  You find them at www.3exter.se and www.tygaffaren.se as well as n the store of Tygaffären in Göteborg, Sweden.

Our patterns are developed from a C-size as base.  The sizes are based after a sizechart from a standarized body.  The measuretable is made after a woman of 168cm of hight and with a predicted interval between chest, waist and seat.  This sizetable is used by most companies since it has been determined that it fits most bodies.  Since no bodies are the same it is of importance to take your measurments and make necessary changes in the patters accordingly.  You may have one size at your chest and another at your waist.  We are all different.  TygExters patterns comes in 11 sizes.

Make sure you see the tips on how you easily ajust the patters according to your measurements.